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Maintenance & Repair

Dear Customer

First, Nguyen Anh Co. to thank you for always supporting our company to the products during the past years.
Besides the ability to specialize in supplying equipment used for experiments, research, quality control in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, agriculture, biotechnology, aquaculture, oil and gas, materials, environmental technology, criminal science, industrial, medical equipment, .... Our company also provides additional technical services: installation, operation, maintenance and repair of scientific and technical equipment.

Besides, our company also provides supplies and consumable spare parts and components serving for the operation of the device.
With a staff of professional, service system of quality control according to international standards ISO 9001: 2008, we are committed to overcome all technical barriers to trade and to bring value to the customer groin.

To be timely support and care you are better, our company wants to give you the repair service and the best after-sales services.
When you need to contact for services. please contact CASS Center.

Contact phone: (08) 3842 1850 (5 lines)
Email:, service @
Look forward to the cooperation of the customer!
Best regards !

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