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Faith in the future

Our corporate strategy is to focus on product quality, not only training but also continuous product improvement development as well as service and quality management. In this way, we build the trust of our customers and staff in GFL products of high quality

Ensure a high level of quality

GFL’s laboratory products follow the current rules of the European Community and are CE marked. Throughout the production process, we demand high standards regarding personnel, technology, performance, materials and design. In addition to continuously optimizing production processes, we promote continuous development and rapid implementation of contingency measures for quality improvement in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. As we continuously expand our production capabilities, we have the ability to successfully sell our products worldwide. According to users, GFL products for laboratory use not only stand out for their diversity and high quality, but are also essential because of the characteristics described below:


GFL products are oriented towards application and technical development. Modern microprocessor technology combined with an interface can help transfer data easily to a computer.

+ Product strengths

All GFL products are improved in durability and reliability.

+ User-friendly

GFL products are easy to use. They are arranged with clear control functions, clear display and easy-to-understand icons.

+ Easy to maintain or repair

The philosophy of design for our company’s products is little to no maintenance. All components are accessible and the structure is easy to understand. In case the device encounters technical errors, it is supported quickly.

+ Spare parts

We supply a wide range of spare parts for our products.

+ Supply repair parts

We guarantee the supply of repair components for GFL products for at least 10 years.

+ Quality control

During the warranty period, strict quality control using the latest testing equipment