Kern & Sohn GmbH, Zeigelei 1, 72336 Balingen

Founded in 1844 by Gottlieb Kern

With many years of experience in the weighing field, we offer a highly reliable product line that satisfies all the needs of customers in the field of weighing.

With more than 160 years of establishment, we have made sustainable and long-term strides in the field of weighing and developing distribution networks around the world.

We have been developing our main strengths in the field of: industrial weighing, technical balances, analytical balances, test scales, calibration weight sets and certificates with competitive prices plus special warranty for customers.

Main products :

1.> Industrial scales

ECB : simple structure, portability, low cost

EFB : using solar power

GAB : Checkweighing, competitive price

CB : fast, accurate electronic scales

EOB : floor scale, standalone displayer, partial scale

EOS : floor scales for XL size, suitable for weighing animals

DE : floor scale, multiple functions: partial weighing, counting scale, mixed scale, checkweighing.

VB : floor scale, maximum weighing capacity

FOB : stainless steel balanced case, dust, water and moisture resistant

FTB : High precision industrial weighing

ITB : floor scale, protection according to IP 65 standard

FTC : scale, resolution 150 000 points

CGB : scales used in the industrial sector

DC: high-precision industrial scales.

EC : weigh and count the mass of milligrams.

MH/CH : suspended electronic scales

HCB: hanging weight capable of weighing up to 200kg

HUS : hanging scale capable of weighing up to 600kg

HUM : hanging scale weighing capacity up to 7500kg

173/150/281/285: High precision mechanical weighing

2.> Scales for laboratory use

770 : Analytical balance accuracy 0.00001g

ABS/ABJ : Precision analytical balance 0.0001mg

ARS/ARJ : 0.1mg precision analytical balance, with utility software

EMB : scales used in schools

440/KB : 0.001g and 0.01g precision scales

EW/EG: technical scales used in experiments, jewelry, gold, etc.

572 : Technical scales for counting, referencing, and checking.

PB : technical scales suitable for large and continuous weighing volumes.

470 : Programmable, Technical Weighing Scales

GS/GJ : technical scales, peripheral equipment connection

PRS/PRJ: technical balance, data transmission over the Internet.

MLB/RH : moisture drying scale

TCB/TMB : Pocket electronic scales

3.> Standard set of weights and certificates

With calibration scales: E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M2, M3 and certificates for all above calibration scales