Vibe Imaging Analytics


Vibe Imaging Analytics develops, manufactures and distributes analytics instruments, sensors and cloud-based development solutions.

Based on the best image and data processing technology including optics, lighting control, camera images and development of algorithms
We offer our clients a simple way to experience practical, accurate and repeatable results.


Our main goal is to provide smart solutions that save time, reduce costs, increase profits and reduce risks for customers.
Our mission is to digitize the entire supply chain to sort out trade, quality, and productivity, thereby streamlining handling while ensuring compliance with government and customer standards.

At Vibe, we support and believe in classic methods for high-quality food, from field seeding to the packaging process. We are actively engaging with local and global communities, green initiatives and ecosystem-wide collaboration on agricultural engineering for quality assurance.


The Vibe QM series has been developed exclusively for users in agricultural engineering in the rice, grain and seed market segments.
Our core technologies include visions of research, devices, cloud services, data analytics and application insights.