ALP, autoclave with drying, CLG-32LDVP, 62 liters


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– Volume: 62 liters

– Chamber size: Ø 320 x height 660 mm

– Temperature (maximum pressure): 100 – 140 0 C (0.270 MPa)

– Outer dimensions/weight: W550 x D720 x H990 / 109 kg

– Sterilization time: 0 minutes – 48 hours 00 minutes

– Temperature/ drying time: 60ºC – 150ºC/ 0 minutes – 100 hours 00 minutes

– Temperature/ dissolution time: 40 – 99 0C / 0minutes – 48 hours 00 minutes

– Temperature/ warming time: 40ºC – 60ºC/ 0 minutes – 48 hours 00 minutes

– Safety device: Lid interlock, Lid opening/closing detection, Water lack prevention, Over temperature prevention, Over pressure prevention, Sensor breakage detection, Memory backup, Leakage breaker, Pressure safety valve, Vacuum pump protection circuit.

– A flagship model! Pre & Post-vacuum laboratory autoclave equivalent to EN13060 Class B unit. Sterilizes any load type securely.

– Pre-vacuum to deliver a secure sterilization: Air is removed from the chamber and loads by a vacuum pump eliminating air pockets to penetrate steam into the loads particularly a hollow tubular item and porous medium such as clothing every corner, letting its heat penetrability improved, delivering a secure sterilization.

– Post-vacuum drying system: The heater dries up wetted loads under a vacuum the vacuum pump creates where the wetness evaporates quickly. You can dry up effeciently even a hollow tubular item and clothing.

– Available in six programs according to the loads: You can select six programs according to the loads and application such as LIQUID”OPENED”, LIQUID” CLOSED”, SOLIDS, WASTE, DISSOLUTION, ADD DRYING. Moreover, ten memories are incorporated so you can select the sterilization temperature and time, drying or not, and cooling method.

– Power supply: AC 230 V, 14 A


+ Wire basket Ø 300 x 300 mm, 2 pcs

+ Drain hose


+ Floating sensor

+ Printer

+ Automatic water supply system with pre-heat system.

+ Serial communication port RS-232C and Data logging system

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