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Shopping Guide

You can choose one of the following purchase

Method 1: Call the (08 3842 1850) or the City Headquarters (04) 3537 5060) Hanoi Branch, (04) 3537 5060) Da Nang branch (0511) 393 2884) from 8g00-17g (No. 2 to No. 7) Our staff is always ready to serve you.

Method 2: Set a purchase on the website

Step 1: Find the product purchased

You can search for products in a variety of ways

- Click on "experimental" to go to Cabinet Laboratory commodities can then find products from top to bottom by any means see (price low to high | Price from high to low, filtering by manufacturer. ..), or other filter criteria, according to the product features.

Quick Search where known names. You just type "product name" into the search box, the system will prompt you to name the best products available in the system.


Step 2: Find Products to buy

After viewing product information, you already like the product you can click on "Request for Quotation" and just leave information name, phone number, notes Company Nguyen Anh will get back to you within 5 minutes.

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