Gartenstr 100.D – 78532 Tuttlingen/Germany

Hettich GmbH & Co.KG

Hettich is a major manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges and accessories. With more than a hundred years (since 1904) of research and manufacturing experience and nearly three hundred workers, Hettich has increasingly researched and improved the quality and technology of its products to meet the increasing demands of science and technology.

The company has product types: Centrifuges, cold centrifuges, portable centrifuges, blood centrifuges.

The company has many models such as: Universal 32, Universal 32R, EBA 20, EBA 21, MIKRO 120, MOKRO 200/200R, Haematokrit 210, Rotofix 32, Rotina 35/35R, Rotanta 460/460 S/460 R/460 RS …

* Hettich’s controller is easy to use and meets all user requirements. Just press the selection button very simply, all measurement parameters are displayed quickly and accurately. The large display is easy to read, easy to see, during centrifugation the measurement parameters are fully displayed.

Controllers come in 5 different types: Each different model attaches to the appropriate controller.

– Type E controller

– Type N controller

– Type N plus controller

– W-type controller

– Type S controller