P.O.Box 1720-D-91107 Schwabach – Germany

Memmert, founded in 1933, is a leading specialist in the development and manufacture of thermal equipment. In 1994, Memmert was granted ISO 9001 certification to all production areas of the company.

Memmert’s products use mainly renewable stainless steel and CFC-free heat carriers to minimize environmental impacts. With sophisticated manufacturing technology, with a fully automated sheet metal production center and laser welding and cutting technology replacing previous industrial robots, Memmert products have reached the pinnacle of quality.

Products :

Drying cabinets, Vacuum drying cabinets, Incubators, CO2 incubators, Cold incubators, Water insulation tanks, Oil tanks.

Since August 2004, with some changes in production technology, Memmert has launched a new model range for the Drying and Incubator range to replace the old models with many great improvements

1. Same accuracy or uniformity for different volumetric sizes of the same product range and control class.

Example :

* Drying cabinet – class B model UNB, UFB, SNB, SFB: accuracy at 150°C ≤ ± 0.5°C for all volume sizes 14, 32, 39, 53, 108 liters.

* Drying cabinet – class E model UNE, UFE, SNE, SFE: accuracy at 150oC ≤ ± 0.25o C for all volume sizes 32, 39, 53, 108, 256, 416, 749 liters.

2. Upgrade the previous type of mechanical control drying cabinet (class M) to the type of electronically controlled drying cabinet PID (class B) with a clock reading 99 hours 59 minutes.

3. Expansion of the operating temperature range of the drying cabinet:

* Class B: 5°C (10°C for cabinets with fans) above ambient temperature to +220°C

* Class E/P: 5oC (10oC for cabinets with fans) above ambient temperature to + 250oC, can raise heat to 300oC with additional spare parts.

4. For Class E products: PID microprocessor controller with 02 clocks can program operation from 1 minute to 999 hours and 7 days.

5. New product : Class B incubator

The details of the model change are as follows:

Old model: UM, SM – New model replaced: UNB, SNB

Old model: ULM, SLM – New model replacement: UFB, SFB

Old model: UE, SE – New model replaced: UNE, SNE

Old model: ULE, SLE – New model replaced: UFE, SFE

Old Model : UP – New Model Replacement: UN

Old model: ULP, SLP – New model replacement: UFP, SFP

Old model: BE, BP – New model replaced: INE, INP

And… New model produced : INB