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IUL started its business in 1987. The goal and reason for founding the company is to provide convenience, easier operation, more comfort, safer, more reliable microbiology in industry by providing designs and equipment that meet this purpose.

The company’s strength is to bring innovation into the traditional microbiology industry. All IUL designs contain original and unique ideas, which in most cases are worldwide patents.

The products that IUL designs and manufactures include a wide range of products from electrochemical equipment to advanced software for readers, including high-precision instruments for measuring volume and weight.

About production. The manufacturing department, not only produces many of the myriad essential parts, but also closely monitors the quality control process throughout the semi-finished product assembly phase in compliance with the latest regulations for the industry. All and every product manufactured by IUL goes through final inspection and documentation to monitor possible waste rates. The raw materials used to produce IUL products are of the best quality and also the most relevant to the natural environment.

About the design. The design bureau is, without a doubt, the core department of the IUL company. In the design department, professional staff from different specialties: mechanical, electrical, information technology and even staff not only take care of the appearance of the equipment but also exchange back and forth throughout the design process. Teamwork aims to bring about technological innovation through devices designed to keep users reminded of the product. Design bureaus are always working with new ideas to create new and better products.

On trade. IUL devices are famous in Europe, where they are produced. However, IUL products are not only hot sellers in European countries but also sell well in the US as well as Japan. The idea combined with the quality of production and reasonable prices is recognized by the world. Today, more than 15,000 people use IUL products globally.