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Bibby Scientific is one of the largest manufacturers of laboratory equipment in the world, Bibby Scientific Ltd offers internationally recognized brands for their reputation and high quality. Bibby Scientific offers high quality laboratory equipment and other laboratory products, our benchtop scientific equipment is one of the 5 most famous brands.


Stuart® is a brand that manufactures highly specialized laboratory equipment. Includes equipment: blood tube shaker, colony counter, heating magnetic stirrer, molecular hybrid cabinet, shaker, agitator and water distillation system.

Techne® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal control equipment, including water insulation tanks, heating blocks and molecular biology products such as molecular hybrid incubators and rotators. Techne manufactures a wide range of specialized products for temperature control in the laboratory. These scientific instruments are developed specifically for temperature control.


Jenway is a manufacturer of scientific and technical equipment including: UV/Vis spectrometer, flame photometer, colorimeter, laboratory equipment such as dissolved oxygen meter, pH meter and conductivity meter


Electrothermal offers a wide range of stirring stoves and hobs of different shapes and volumes, controlling the general temperature or controlling each stove individually. In addition to heating stoves, Electrothermal also manufactures melting point meters, STEM model breaking stoves used in the pharmaceutical industry. Electrothermal has 70 years of supplying laboratory equipment and specialized products for heating, cooling and stirring.


As the newest brand in the Bibby Group, PCRmax specializes in manufacturing PCR machines and Real time PCR machines