ALP Autoclave, CLG-32L, 62 liters


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– Volume: 62 liters

– Chamber size: Ø 320 x height 660 mm

– Outer dimensions / weight: W550 x D620 x H990 mm / 71 kg

– Temperature (Max. pressure): 100 – 140 0 C (0.270 Mpa)

– Sterilization time: 0 minutes – 48 hours 0 minutes

– Dissolution temperature / time: 40 – 99 0 C / 0 minutes – 48 hours0minutes

– Warming temperature / time: 40 – 60 0 C / 0 minutes – 48 hours0minutes

Incorporates the parts not easily deteriorate over time: To avoid a running cost piling up due to the parts easily deteriorate over time, incorporates the lid gasket with steam resistant, the heater element made of stainless steel etc. so the parts last long time.

– Rapid cooling fan as standard: Cools the loads after cycle to shorten the time until unloading

– Data logging system (Option): You can take the temperature, pressure, and time during operation into an optional software “ALP- LOGGER” by connecting between the unit and a PC. The data are showed “Temperature (Pressure) – Time” diagram, can be printed, and exported to Microsoft Excel®. Data are displayed according to the scheme “Temperature (Pressure) – Time”, it is possible
printed and exported to Microsoft Excel.

– Pulsed pressure discharge: Removes air from the sample quickly by continuously releasing steam and pulse pressure above atmospheric pressure. Optimize the sample sterilization process.

– Multiple programs available: In addition to the five programs prescribed depending on the sample such as LIQUID, SOLID and WASTE sterilization, etc., one can set the sterilization temperature, time and cooling method to save and call them up to ten processes.

– Interaction with liquid crystal display: Set values on the detail screen. Touch the screen to switch between the details screen and the screen that magnifies the values.

– IQ/OQ documents correspond to GMP, GLP standards: the manufacturer provides IQ/OQ documents as 1 additional option.

– Safety equipment: interlock system, open / close cover detection, water shortage prevention, overheating detection, overvoltage detection, failure sensor indicator, backup memory, power interruption due to leakage, pressure safety valve.

– Power supply: AC 230 V, 11 A


+ Wire basket Ø 300 x 300 mm, 2 pcs

+ Drain bottle, 1 bottle


+ Floating sensor

+ Printer

+ Automatic water supply system with pre-heat system.

Serial communication port RS-232C and Data logging system.

+ Exhaust air filter

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