ALP, autoclave with drying, CL-32SDP, 45 liters


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– Volume: 45 liters

– Chamber size: Ø 320 x height 450 mm

– Outer dimensions / weight: W550 x D620 x H870 mm / 75 kg

– Temperature (Max. pressure): 100 – 140 0 C (0.270 Mpa)

– Sterilization time: 0 minutes – 48 hours 0 minutes

– Drying temperature / time: 60 – 150ºC / 0 minutes – 99 hours 59 minutes

– Dissolution temperature / time: 40 – 99 0 C / 0 minutes – 48 hours0minutes

– Warming temperature / time: 40 – 60 0 C / 0 minutes – 48 hours0minutes

– Safety device: Lid interlock, Water lack prevention, Over temperature prevention, Over pressure prevention Sensor breakage detection, Memory backup, Leakage breaker, Pressure safety valve

– Possible to sterilize a culture medium and liquid:

Incorporates a “Sterilization/Warming” pattern maintaining a constant temperature after sterilization and a “Dissolving/Warming” pattern for pasteurization so wears another hat.

At the end of the cycle, the lid will not be released until temperature has reached safe prescribed levels.

– Fully automatic operation from sterilization to drying
Drains automatically after sterilization to dry the loads with warm air. Suitable for a metal or glassware you require to use it as dry. Allows to also use for only sterilization.

– Incorporates a “Drying” mode for drying only:

You can select the “Dry” mode if an additional drying is required after the “Sterilization-Dry” mode or performing only drying.

– Contamination measures

Blows warm air through a sterilization filter to prevent the loads from contaminating during drying.

– A wide variety of options: Floating sensor (Measures a load temperature.), Printer (Prints the temperature and time on roll paper.), Rapid cooling fan (Shortens the temperature drop time with cooling fan.), Recorder (Profiles the temperature and time of multiple sensors.), Automatic Water Supply System, IQ/OQ Documentation.

– Power supply: AC 230 V, 11 A


+ Wire basket Ø 300 x 200 mm, 2 pcs

+ Stainless flexible drain hose

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